jeudi 10 octobre 2013

" They stopped,continued,shuddered,stopped again,moved on " wall drawing . Athens Biennale "Agora" 2013

Charcoal drawings of immigrants living in Athens.


    The point of  reference for the work Katerina Christidi presents in AGORA is a wall drawing she created in September 2012 at the Chateau de Kerpaul in Brittany, France. In that work which is entitled "Huis clos", resident artists at the Chateau were used as model in creating nine spectral figures whose placing was determined by the architecture of the room. 
For the Biennale Christidi builds on this idea with a wall drawing which extends along the staircase in the building of the former Athens Stock Exchange. This time the models are not fellow artists but immigrants who live in Athens.The simple lines in charcoal through which their their form is rendered, their postures and facial expressions, coexist with the cracks on the walls. Christidi succeeds in transforming the space par excellence-and investing with emotional charge. Though still anonymous, her immigrants are singled out from within the urban crowd and elevated, if only temporarily, to the status of the artistic muse. 

Texte by Chrisptoher Marinos co-curator of Athens Biennale

                                                Copyright OSDEETE Athens/  ADAGP  Paris
                                                  1,2,3,4   Photos by Yiannis Karampatsos

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